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Skating Classes

We offer learn-to-skate classes for kids age 3 through grade 5, developed by the U.S. Figure Skating (USFS).

USFS Tot Skating The Tot Learn to Skate levels are introductory classes divided into four progressive levels designed for children with little or no prior skating experience.

  • Tot 1-2
    This class is for young beginners who have never skated before. The class focuses on introducing young children to beginning skating skills in an atmosphere of fun, using games and ice-safe toys to help teach basic skills. Elements include proper falling and getting up, marching, gliding, forward and backward swizzles, curves and beginning stops.
  • Tot 3-4
    Prerequisite: Tot 1-2. Elements include forward pumps and stroking, advanced backward swizzles, one-foot glides on a circle and beginning forward crossovers, backward pumps and backward stroking.

USFS Basics Skating The Basic Skating levels range from introductory to intermediate skating experience. Classes are divided into progressive levels, so children can learn with peers who have similar skating ability.

  • Basic 1-2
    For those who have never skated, or have never had formal lessons, skaters will learn the basics of figure skating, how to balance on the ice as well as forward and backward skating, one-foot glides, forward and backward swizzles, and snow plow stops. Other elements include two-foot turns, one-foot glides and backward two-foot glides.
  • Basic 3-6
    Elements include forward stroking, forward pumps, backward one-foot glides, forward slaloms, beginning two-foot spins, forward inside and outside edges on a circle, forward crossovers, standing outside 3-turns, backward pumps, backward stroking and backward snowplow stop. Prerequisite: Basic 1-2.

Hockey Programs

Our developmental hockey program gives skaters a solid foundation of skating, stick handling, shooting and passing. Skaters will learn how to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques are the primary focus of the levels. This class is for the beginner hockey player who wants to learn the basics of hockey, including turning, skating on one foot, skating backwards, stopping, and skating with a puck. Skaters should have passed Tot 1 or Basics 1 to participate. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Skates and a helmet. Rental skates are included in the class fee.