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Glencoe Park District reserves the right to change the location of the tree, bench, picnic table, or stadium seat if the park is redesigned. Parks under renovation have donation opportunities following the park designer's plans and may have special items not listed here. The District will determine which parks are no longer available for donation opportunities due to lack of space, although established items may be adopted.

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Our parks, beach, and open spaces are part of what makes living in Glencoe so special. The gift of a tree, bench, or stadium seat is a great way to honor a loved one or favored pet, celebrate a memorable occasion, thank a person or group for their service to the community, or share a family motto or quote while supporting the Glencoe Park District. Interested in donating? Fill out the donation form or email Kyle at [email protected] for more information.


  • Timeline: Donations of benches, stadium seats, and established trees take a minimum of 12-14 weeks from the point the Park District confirms the plaque inscription from the donor; longer if products required are on backorder or if the item has been removed for construction or for the season. In the case of new trees, donation timeline is dependent on species availability and the Park District planting schedule. Glencoe Park District cannot guarantee a timeline shorter than that described above.
  • Plaque Sizing: 2"x4" bench and 2"x3" stadium seat plaques are made from stainless steel for comfort of use, longevity, and retaining the integrity of the bench slats. 3"x5" tree plaques are made of a treated aluminum used at botanic gardens throughout the U.S. and mounted on a wood plaque located within the tree's mulch ring. Train cars include an 8" round bronze plaque installed on the back of the seat. Park donations with naming rights will include a large bronze plaque installed on beautiful stone; size determined by the donation amount.
  • Cost: Donations start at $750 with many price points to choose from. The donation is due upon the donor and Park District agreeing to donation terms and before the plaque proofing process begins. Payment options include MasterCard/Visa/Discover or check.
  • Locations: Choose from any donation item located on Glencoe Park District property including parks, facilities, or along the Green Bay Trail between Maple Hill Road and Hazel Avenue. Park Map
  • Donation Sunset Date: Depending on the item chosen, donations last a specific number of years or the life of the item, whichever is longer. For more information, see below. Donors receive first priority to renew a donation at the current cost.
  • New Versus Established Trees: Each Fall, our Parks Department determines locations that need new trees and the appropriate species for the location. Donors may select one of these new trees as their donation. An alternative is choosing an established tree available year-round. The benefits of choosing an established tree include availability year-round, proven strength having survived their first year, pride in maintaining a tree that may last far into the future, and having a beautiful tree from day one of your donation.
  • Glencoe Park District reserves the right to change the location of the tree, bench, picnic table, or stadium seat if the park is redesigned.

Dedicate or Adopt a Tree

Many varieties of trees and site locations are available for your donation. The price includes the tree, installation, and a plaque with custom inscription for ten years or the life of the tree; whichever is longer. Refer to FAQ's above for more information.

  • Shade Trees: $750
    Commonly taller than fifty feet at maturity, these trees provide glorious shade, cheerful fall colors, and wildlife habitats that can last up to 200 years. Varieties include Tuliptree, Planetree, Buckeye, Maple, Elm, Hickory, and Oak.
  • Ornamental Trees: $750
    Intermediate in size, these graceful clump or trunk trees provide colorful flowers that have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Varieties include Linden, Red Bud, Magnolia, and Flowering Dogwood.
  • Evergreen Trees: $750
    The ornaments of the White Pine or the unique beauty of the White Fir will be a lasting dedication.

Adopt a Bench or Stadium Seat at any Glencoe Park District Park

Donation options are available to suit nature lovers, social butterflies, baseball fans, and more. Select any bench, picnic table, or stadium seat without a plaque or, in the case of benches, with a plaque that reads "Adopt this Bench." The price includes the bench, table, or seat, and a plaque with a custom inscription for ten years or the life of your bench, table, or seat; whichever is longer. Refer to FAQ's above for more information.

  • Bench $3,000
  • Bench at Glencoe Beach $4,000
  • Corner Bench at Perlman Boating Beach $3,000
  • Stadium Seat at Berlin Park Baseball Field $1,000

Old Green Bay Trail

Along the trail from Maple Hill Road to Hazel Avenue, the concrete art/fitness/social spaces, chill seats, benches, and drinking fountain are available for donation with a custom inscription plaque.

  • Blocks Social Space $14,200 all four or $4,200 each | SPECS
  • Zig Zag Social Space $13,200 | SPECS
  • Chill Seating Benches $4,000 single seat or $6,000 double seat | SPECS
  • Bench $3,000 | Map
  • Drinking Fountain | $15,000

Duke Park


  • Interactive Water Fountain $100,000
  • Water Runnel $50,000
  • Drinking Fountain $15,000
  • Hand-crank Train Car $4,500 each ONLY 1 LEFT!

Other Donation Opportunities

  • Want to help beautify one of Glencoe's parks? Donation options are available for a variety of projects and custom donations.
  • Check or Credit Card donations of any amount, which may be targeted to a specific program, park, facility, or the Park District in general.
  • Check or Credit Card donations to renovate complete or partial parks or facilities.

Donation Contact

To learn more about our donation program, email Kyle at [email protected].

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