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For more information on Children's Circle, contact Jessica Stockl, Early Childhood Manager at (847) 835-7533.

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Meet our education team

We pride ourselves on our ties to the community; some of our teachers have been with Glencoe Park District preschools for more than twenty-five years! The key component in accomplishing our mission is choosing individuals that can easily blend in with our Children's Circle family. Our educators have academic degrees in Child Development, Early Childhood or a related discipline, and life experiences that encompass parenting and grandparenting. The Children's Circle staff receives continuous development, support and training in and out of the classroom. All staff completes fifteen hours of continuing education each year to understand the latest trends in early childhood education and child development. The broad depth of knowledge within Children's Circle allows your child to trust, respect and bond with their teachers, in addition to meeting our high standards of education and experience.


Children's Circle is a full day preschool program for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old which combines flexibility and high-quality teaching to create a unique program geared to the diverse needs of busy families. Children's Circle is licensed by the State of Illinois, meeting or exceeding state standards for health, safety and staff training. A day at Children's Circle reflects our philosophy that children learn best through meaningful interactions with the world around them. Learning is an active process, whether it happens during a teacher-guided group experience or during free choice play. At Children's Circle, our mission is to provide a secure place for your child to interact with the world, incorporating hands-on and teacher-facilitated experiences that are meaningful and relevant to your child's stage of development.

Jellyfish (infants 6 weeks - 15 months) Frogs (toddlers) Turtles (young 2s)

Starfish (age 2) Dolphins (age 3) Belugas (age 4)

How to Register

Registration priority is given to Glencoe residents and those who work at least 30 hours in Glencoe, but we welcome enrollments from neighboring communities. Children must be the appropriate age prior to entry. Please contact Jessica Stockl, Early Childhood Manager, at (847) 835-7533 or email [email protected] to arrange a tour and discuss availability. Online registration is not available for Children's Circle.

Our Classrooms

Jellyfish (Infants, 6 Weeks-15 Months)Full

Our Jellyfish teachers understand that this first school experience for your child lays the groundwork for healthy social and educational growth in the years to come. With an emphasis on building trustworthy, loving relationships, our program focuses on individual needs and enjoying new experiences in a warm environment.

Frogs (Toddlers)Full

Our Frog teachers serve as guides as children learn about themselves, their friends, and the world around them. The drive for independence that characterizes this age group spurs impressive language, social, cognitive and physical gains. We focus heavily on new and sometimes messy experiences whether it be painting with pudding or playing with soil in the sensory table.

Turtles (Young 2s)Full

Our Turtles learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore in their own way. The activities for this age group are built around their natural curiosity and their desire to discover their own boundaries. Our Turtles are constantly on the move, as they gain independence through learned self-help skills. As the Turtles discover how to interact with the world around them, they gain social skills in order to share and help one another in the classroom. The emphasis on social skills opens doors to developing strong relationships with adults and peers.

Starfish (Age 2)Full

The Starfish work on gaining new preschool skills through the use of investigation and discovery. The teachers guide an active day, in which these young preschoolers can expand their skills and knowledge. The weekly lesson plans follow the children in their natural exploration as they experience hands-on learning and social interaction in an educational setting.

Dolphins (Age 3)Full

Our Dolphin teachers keep kids active with weekly learning themes that spark imagination and promote investigation. Language, math and science are embedded in routines and play, with large and small group experiences providing support for developing concepts and understandings.

Belugas (Age 4)Full

In the Beluga classroom, learning is rapid and engaging as we prepare for the kindergarten year to come. Curriculum is strong and embedded; numbers become real through counting games and routines; letters draw life from songs, storytelling, rhyming, and situational experiences. Cooking is science and socialization, as the fruits of children's efforts are enjoyed together. Use of social stories promotes deep imaginative play, cooperation, and cognition. Learning is interactive, with plenty of opportunities for your child to explore and follow his/her interests.