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If you have any questions regarding athletics, please contact Shannon Stevens at (847) 835-7559

Athletics Affiliates

Soccer: AYSO Region 425

Baseball/Softball: Glencoe Baseball Association

House Basketball

House League Travel League Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Season Clinics

Participants will prepare for basketball season with our weekly clinics. Coaches focus on fundamentals of basketball including shooting, passing, dribbling and teamwork. 

Age Time Dates
Girls, Grades 1-2 4:45-5:30 PM Wednesdays, 11/2-12/21
Girls, Grades 3-4 5-6 PM Tuesdays, 11/1-12/20
Girls, Grades 5-6 5-6 PM Thursdays, 11/3-12/22
Boys, Grade 1 5:30-6:15 PM Wednesdays, 11/2-12/21
Boys, Grade 2 6:15-7 PM Wednesdays, 11/2-12/21
Boys, Grades 3-4 6-7 PM Tuesdays, 11/1-12/20
Boys, Grades 5-6 6-7 PM Thursdays, 11/3-12/22


House League Basketball

House League registration opens October 13, 2022. Registration received after December 15 at 5 PM will be assessed a $50 late fee and put on a waitlist.

Evaluations: Participants in Grades 3-6 must attend a pre-season skills evaluation. The skills evaluation is used to create fair and balanced teams. 

  • Girls, Grades 3-6: 9-10 AM, Sunday, December 11
  • Boys, Grades 3-4: 10-11 AM, Sunday, December 11
  • Boys, Grades 5-6: 11 AM-12 PM, Sunday, December 11

Practices/Clinics: Participants are expected to attend weekly practices or clinics. All participants will attend practices/clinics once per week, January 11-March 16. 

  • Grades 1-2: Weekly skills clinics will be led by GPD coaches on Wednesday evenings. Clinic times are displayed below.
  • Grades 3-6: Team practices will be led by house league coaches. In general, practices will be held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings between 5-8 PM. Players will be given a practice schedule after teams are created. 

Games: All games will take place on Saturdays, between 9 AM and 2 PM. Games will take place weekly, January 14-March 18. There will not be any games on Saturday, February 18. Grades 1-4 will play Glencoe teams; Grades 5-6 will play Glencoe and Winnetka teams. 



Fee Activity
Girls, Grades 1-2 W, 4:45-5:30 PM Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $248/273 314515
Girls, Grades 3-4 T/Th, 5-8 PM  Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $278/305 314515
Girls, Grades 5-6 T/Th, 5-8 PM  Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $278/305 314515
Boys, Grade 1

W, 5:30-6:15 PM

Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $248/273 314516
Boys, Grade 2 W, 6:15-7 PM Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $248/273 314516
Boys, Grades 3-4 T/Th, 5-8 PM  Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $278/305 314516
Boys, Grades 5-6 T/Th, 5-8 PM  Sa, 9 AM-2 PM  $278/305 314516


Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer coaches lead practices (Grades 3-6) and Saturday games (Grades 1-6). The basketball program requires a lot of energy from a thoughtful, creative, concerned group of volunteer coaches comprised of parents and other adults who love sports and instructing children. Effective coaches fully support a positive youth sports philosophy in their attitude and behavior at practice, games, and events. You help the players learn skills, discuss fair play, and most of all, have fun. Look at coaching as an opportunity not only to teach sports skills but also to achieve something far more significant: helping children reach their full potential. Interested volunteer coaches should fill out a Coach Application. All volunteer coaches are required to complete a background check and attend a pre-season meeting on Thursday, December 8.

Coach Application

In the spirit of competition, the park district does not accept friendship requests.

Anyone in Grade 3 or above must attend the skill evaluation in order to accurately divide teams.

Skill evaluations (not try-outs) are run for the purpose of distributing talent as evenly as possible throughout the league. As much as we try, this is not a scientific process.

If you are unable to attend a game, contact the head coach of your team. They will provide contact information at the beginning of the season.

Your coach will contact you if a game/practice is canceled. You can also call the sports hotline at (847) 258-9050 or sign up for text/email/mobile notifications from RainOut Line.