Summer Soundcheck: Blue Shift Big Band - (9/13/24)

Time: 5:00 PM

Location: Kalk Park

Price: FREE!

Enjoy live music and fun as Blue Shift Big Band takes the stage. 

With a wealth of originals in the book, it didn’t take long for Blue Shift Big Band to begin to develop their unique voice and sound. While inspiration for these arrangements may come from Jazz Standards, Blues, and the Great American Songbook, the band has also tapped into a wealth of material a whole generation has been raised on - Video Games.

Popular music has always found a way into the greater Jazz lexicon. From the music of Tin-Pan Alley influencing early Jazz, the songs of Broadway being used as compositional vehicles for the Be-Bop Era, or Rock music affecting the sound of Fusion groups of the 70’s, the music found in Video Games has impressed many of us who are products of a certain age. With Blueshift’s unique arrangements and approach, the band hopes to present this music in a serious, but still fun way, that acknowledges the largely unsung composers of this genre.

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