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Please contact Savannah Martin, Early Childhood Manager at (847) 835-7534 to arrange a tour and discuss availability.

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Meet our education team

We pride ourselves on our ties to the community; some of our teachers have been with Glencoe Park District preschools for more than twenty years! Staff educational backgrounds vary, with degrees in Special Education and Fine Arts, and life experiences that encompass parenting and grandparenting. This broad depth of knowledge enables us to provide an exceptional preschool experience, supporting the growth of your child with love and skill.

With the support of hundreds of Early Childhood Educators, the Illinois Early Learning Standards were established to provide developmentally appropriate benchmarks for preschool teachers seeking to understand their role in the educational continuum. Our Early Learning Center teachers use this resource to guide classroom experiences and activities, providing a solid foundation for developmental and experiential learning.


Early Learning Center has provided a strong foundation for Glencoe's preschoolers for more than 50 years. Our goal for children is not just school-readiness, but life-readiness: the ability to problem-solve, work with others, feel good about oneself and one's abilities and meet new challenges with interest and curiosity. We promote active play, take time for the creative arts, taste foods from other cultures, try words in unfamiliar languages, and set the stage for life in the world community.

Little Waddlers ELC 2'S ELC 3'S ELC 4'S Kindergarten Readiness

Visit us and see:

  • Children actively engaged in learning, whether exploring worms in the media table or cruising the room, magnet in hand, seeking the magic pull of metal
  • An easel in a sunny corner, where every young artist can create with joy
  • Teachers side-by-side with students, kneeling in the wooden block construction zone or lending a hand as children mix up a treat for Sharing Day
  • Bikes and scooters whizzing around the trike track on our state-of-the-art playground, decked with butterfly bushes, basketball hoops, and climbers to suit every size
  • Parents who stop in to tell a tale, lead a cooking project or join Mom's Morning, Dad's Night, or Messy Morning

You'll hear laughter, music, and learning, and you'll understand why Glencoe families turn to Early Learning Center to provide their children's first school experience.


Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now open. Please contact Savannah Martin, Early Childhood Manager at (847) 835-7534 to arrange a tour and discuss availability. 

A $200 non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee per child is required at the time of registration for all programs. This fee will not be applied toward your monthly tuition. Our program respects the unique development of each individual child. Children are not required to be toilet trained to participate.

  • All classes take place at the Takiff Center.
  • Classes are September - May.
  • Child must be of age by 9/1/23 for the 2023-2024 school year

ELC Registration Form

2023-2024 School Year Day Time Monthly R/NR Fee Activity
Little Waddlers (under 2 years) TU 11:15 AM-12 PM $104/111 504101-01
ELC 2-Year Olds M/W/F 9:15-11:15 AM $484/532 504102-01
ELC 2-Year Olds TU/TH 9:15-11:15 AM $335/369 504102-02
ELC 3-Year Olds TU-F 9-11:30 AM $536/590 504103-02
ELC 3-Year Olds M-F 9-11:30 AM $642/706 504103-01
ELC 4-Year Olds M-F 9-12:00 PM $704/774 504104-02
Kindergarten Readiness M-F 12-3:30 PM $736/810 504105-01
Kindergarten Readiness TU/TH 12-3:30 PM $394/433 504105-02
Kindergarten Readiness M/W/F 12-3:30 PM $495/545 504105-03



Join in an interactive class for parents/caregivers and young toddlers. Your toddler will be able to explore the classroom setting and learn how to interact in a social environment. As their first introduction to preschool, children will quickly feel comfortable in this warm, loving space.


Social learning goes hand in hand with language development, a key task for our busy 2's. We enrich the day with songs and rhymes, stories and conversation. We also build vocabulary as we splash in the media table, experiment with paint, and try out new roles in the housekeeping area. Learning is natural and easy, with lots of choices and opportunities to explore.


Teachers show the way by providing social models and support as children begin to negotiate and problem-solve. Special units bring learning to everyday experiences; a class trip to the grocery store sparks a host of new understandings about classifying, color, and nutrition, and sets the stage for imagination. Learning in the 3's room follows a developmental model; children learn through real, hands-on experiences, using their curiosity to drive discovery.


In our 4-year-old class, learning is rapid and engaging as we prepare for the kindergarten year to come. Curriculum is strong and embedded; numbers become real through counting games and routines; letters draw life from songs, storytelling, rhyming, and a host of situational experiences. Cooking is science and socialization, as the fruits of children's efforts are enjoyed together. Use of social stories promotes deep imaginative play, cooperation, and cognition. Learning is interactive, with plenty of opportunities for children to explore and follow their interests.


With kindergarten right around the corner, expand your child's learning and jump-start their ability to succeed. Through play, exploration and creativity, children will develop a stronger sense of self as they delve into a variety of topics. Certified teachers will instill a love of literature, music and the arts while reinforcing the cognitive and emotional skills needed for a smooth transition to kindergarten.