Schuman Overlook Repairs

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners approved the commencement of repairs to the Schuman Overlook (the Park Avenue overlook at Lakefront Park). The project goal is to repair the existing overlook wall and prevent further erosion to the soils at the base of the wall.

In addition, a section of retaining wall on the Park Avenue ramp will be removed and replaced. Construction will begin in September.

Project Components include:

  • Repairs to the Schuman Overlook foundation
  • New erosion resistant native landscaping on the Park Avenue bluff in front of the Schuman Overlook
  • Removal and replacement of 25 feet of retaining wall on the Park Avenue ramp to Glencoe Beach.
  • New benches on the Schuman Overlook and Hazel Avenue Overlook.  The new benches will have new donation plaques honoring the legacy donors from the existing benches

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2018, the Glencoe Park District commissioned an Engineering Assessment for the unique amenities at Glencoe Beach/Lakefront Park. Engineers examined the Overlooks, Retaining Walls, Halfway House, and Safran Beach House. The engineers made recommendations for repairs over a 3-5 year period to maximize the lifespan of the existing amenities. Based on these recommendations, the Halfway House was restored in the Fall of 2019. The engineers also recommended prioritizing repairs to the Schuman Overlook and strengthening the foundations. The foundations of 25 feet of retaining wall on the Park Avenue ramp are compromised, causing a section of the wall to lean. This 25 feet section of retaining wall was identified as requiring replacement.

Replacement of the retaining wall section and repairs to the Schuman Overlook is projected to cost $202,026. The construction/repair costs of these amenities are not funded by a future tax increase.The construction is funded from the following sources:

  • Surplus Glencoe Park District operating funds transferred to the Park District’s capital budget -  $173,951
  • Village of Glencoe funds - $28,075

Construction will begin in September and will be completed in November, depending on the weather. Construction is allowed during the regular Village of Glencoe Construction Hours.

  • 7 AM-6 PM Monday-Friday
  • 9 AM-6 PM Saturdays
  • No work on Sundays or Holidays

During construction, portions of the Schuman Overlook and the Park Avenue ramp will be closed.  Glencoe Beach will still be accessible via the Hazel Avenue ramp.

Click here for a link to Frequently Asked Questions or the architectural rendering