Summer Projects at the Beach

Friday, April 23, 2021

Based on the condition of the existing infrastructure at Glencoe Beach, the Park District has undertaken an extensive capital improvement program at this site. This work aims to ensure continued access to the lakefront for this generation of Glencoe residents and the next.

The process began in 2016 with an existing infrastructure study performed on the bluffs, retaining walls, pier, and beach house. Industry experts were retained to advise the Board of Commissioners on the infrastructure’s conditions and develop an improvement plan. 

As many residents have noticed over the last five years, much of the infrastructure leading to Glencoe Beach requires renovations or total replacement. By taking a phased approach, the Park District maximized existing funds to restore the Halfway House, reinforce the Schuman Overlook, and make repairs to the Hazel Avenue ramp retaining wall.  In 2021, the Park District will be undertaking the next phase of the construction plan with multiple projects. 

  • PERLMAN BOATING BEACH ACCESS: The staircase leading to the Perlman Boating Beach is scheduled for replacement starting in April. Working with expert civil and structural engineers, the Park District has developed a permanent solution to improve storm water management and install a safe, structurally sound staircase. Furthermore, within the project confines, contractors will install new native erosion-resistant landscaping. This project will temporarily impact the access to the Boating Beach. Every effort is being made to accelerate the process of replacing the stairs. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely this project will be completed by the traditional start of the Boating season. The Park District will make every effort to limit this project’s impact on the access of the Boating Beach.
  • HAZEL AVENUE OVERLOOK: The Hazel Avenue Overlook is scheduled for reinforcements starting in April. Work is scheduled to begin in mid-April and will be completed by Memorial Day weekend, weather depending. The project goal is to repair the existing overlook wall and prevent further erosion of the soils at the wall’s base. In addition, within the project confines, contractors will install new native erosion-resistant landscaping.  The Park District does not anticipate this project impacting Glencoe Beach’s access during the swimming/boating season.
  • BEACH/WATER PLANT ACCESS RAMP: The retaining wall on the West side of the ramp after the Halfway House has been targeted for replacement in the fall of 2021. Engineers are currently developing a plan to replace the existing wall, which has been in place since the 1960s. More updates to follow on this project.
  • SAFRAN BEACH HOUSE: Based on the recommendations from the preservation architect retained by the Park District, exterior maintenance will be performed on the Beach House. This project’s goals include tuckpointing of the doorway arches, adjacent retaining walls, replacement of exterior light fixtures, and minor roof repairs. Additionally, the exterior of the Beach House will be returned to the historically accurate color scheme.
  • GLENCOE BEACH PIER: Historically, high water levels damage the pier decking in 2019. The plan to make repairs to the pier was suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19. The Board of Commissioners has retained an engineering firm specializing in coastal projects to further develop a plan to replace the old decking. The District will install a new durable concrete surface and railings in the fall of 2021. More updates to follow on this project.