Bluff Stabilization and Ramp Repairs

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

With help from the State of Illinois Boat Access Area Development (BAAD) and Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) grants, the Village of Glencoe and the Glencoe Park District are partnering on a comprehensive project (significantly offset with funds from the State of Illinois) to improve lakefront bluff stability and reconstruct the ramp from the Halfway House to the Water Plant. This is a phased project, with work on the retaining wall expected to be complete before Memorial Day and the remaining work to take place after Labor Day. This project includes the following components: 

  • The large retaining wall on the west side of the ramp will be replaced. This will prevent future movement of the bluff that could further compromise the adjacent ramp.
  • To stabilize and support the ramp, a new concrete retaining wall will be installed on the downslope (east side) of the ramp.
  • The ramp pavement, concrete curb, and storm sewer structures will be replaced from the Halfway House down to the Water Plant gate.
  • New drainage will be installed at the top of the bluff in Lakefront Park and at the top of the ramp at Hazel to control surface water/stormwater runoff, diverting it into the storm system rather than allowing it to accelerate erosion on the bluff.

Ramp access to Glencoe Beach will be closed periodically during construction but will be fully available during beach season (Memorial Day weekend-Labor Day weekend). The stairs will remain open at all times. The project will follow the regular Village of Glencoe Construction Hours:

  • 7 AM-6 PM, Monday-Friday
  • 9 AM-6 PM, Saturdays
  • Work is not permitted on Sundays or holidays