Lakefront Park Playground and Tennis Courts Now Open

Friday, June 30, 2023

Our brand-new Lakefront Park playground is now open! The low profile design of the playground seamlessly integrates the playground with the natural elements of the park was a direct result of feedback received from the community. 

Designed for kids aged 2-10, the Lakefront Park playground offers ambler mounds, an embankment slide, and spherical and mushroom steppers. The play area is also equipped with an accessible swing, a tot swing, and two belt swings, and a surface made of safety padding and artificial turf to provide a secure play environment. Native perennial landscaping will be added this fall.

The tennis courts project are now fully completed. The courts have freshly paved asphalt, new tennis nets and posts anchored to freshly poured concrete footings. A drinking fountain, pebble seats, swing benches, picnic tables and game tables have also been installed over the next few weeks.

We appreciate your patience!