Kalk Park Phase 2

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners has approved the commencement of Phase 2 upgrades to Henry J. Kalk Park. The project goal is to install drainage in the meadow area of the park to manage excess storm water, and replace the lighting removed in 2016. 

Weather dependent, construction will begin in the early April and will be completed by mid-summer of 2021.  

Project components include: 

  • Installation of a biofiltration basin to manage storm water in the meadow area (the lawn area in front of Liza’s Gazebo). 
  • Installation of new dark-sky compliant light fixtures along the pathway to replace the fixtures removed in 2016. 
  • Plant bed irrigation around Liza’s Gazebo.  
  • Repairs to the masonry wall at the Hazel Avenue entrance of the park. 
  • Installation of a decorative plaza at Hazel Avenue to create a gateway entrance to the park. This will match the new plaza in Veteran’s Park (across the street) 
  • Updates to landscaping in various areas of the park. 
  • Installation of a short section of fence to prevent basketballs from bouncing off the court into the parking lot. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Park District at (847) 835-3030.