Be Part of Watts History

Sunday, August 7, 2022

In 1959, Watts Center was built as the Glencoe Park District's first and only recreation space. The center grew in 1972 to include the region's only refrigerated outdoor ice rink and soon became a winter hub for outdoor recreation. For over 50 years Glencoe residents and visitors have skated at Watts Center. Despite the Park District's best efforts to maintain equipment, investment is needed to ensure the continuity of ice rink operations. The facility's aging infrastructure is beyond its expected life cycle, is not energy efficient, and does not meet modern ADA standards.

With plans to renovate the facility in 2023 escalating, a number of additional amenities outside the project budget may be added if donors are acquired. These donation opportunities include a studio rink player box, outdoor fireplace, gathering plaza, and naming rights.

STUDIO RINK PLAYER BOX To expand the Studio Rink's usability for hockey games, dedicated player boxes and additional spectator areas would be added on the west side of the rink. The new space will expand the rink's functionality, offer increased player safety, and expand viewing options for all.

OUTDOOR FIREPLACE Warm up around our outdoor fireplace, complete with comfortable seating. The fireplace will be located between the rinks, so you can still watch hockey games or your children on either rink.

GATHERING PLAZA This enhanced entrance will serve as an outdoor classroom, as well as offer a place to wait between programs. It can be used year-round for events and games happening at Watts Park.

NAMING RIGHTS Naming rights are available for both the rink and the facility.

If you are interested in contributing to the Watts project, please call (847) 835-3030 or email [email protected].