Lakefront Park

Lakefront Park

The Board of Commissioners is considering restoring the parkland at Lakefront Park. The Park District’s Master Plan, which was approved in 2015, included a number of suggestions for the Lakefront Park restoration. Among the suggestions are these ideas:

·         Consider adding interpretative signage

·         Consider adding native plantings

·         Consider updating and adding accessible paths

·         Consider upgrading the park’s tennis courts and playground

·         Protect the beautiful trees in Lakefront Park

The public is invited to share input by attending the Board of Commissioner's Special Projects & Facilities meetings or sending feedback to

Recent Updates

Lakefront Park Master Plan

Friday, April 7, 2017

Lakefront Park Master Plan

‭Lakefront Park is of historic significance and a ‭jewel in the community, therefore the Board ‭of Commissioners and staff are working with ‭AltaManu, the Park District’s architect to ‭develop a Master Plan for the park. At the ‭same time, park district staff are working ‭with engineers on a plan to stabilize the bluff and protect the site’s historical buildings (the ‭Halfway House and Safran Beach House).    

We ‭anticipate the planning process to take over ‭a year, so you will not see any construction ‭on this park in 2017.