Park Alerts

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Registration Now Open for June's In-Person and Virtual Programs

June Program Brochure Available; Safety Protocols in Place

Registration for June programs is open! We have in-person classes for kids and adults, as well as virtual programs planned. 

Classes will follow safety guidelines set by the State of Illinois, with specific protocols for our Fitness and Rowing classes, Tennis and Pickleball classes, and Youth Sports and Dekhockey.

Options include:

  • Virtual youth enrichments
  • Virtual adult art classes
  • Virtual sports for kids
  • In-person sports for kids
  • Tennis & pickelball clinics and classes
  • Fitness classes (in person classes for adults)
  • Dekhockey

Click HERE to view the PDF of our June programming brochure! Each class title is linked to our registration site.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Additional Tennis Courts Open, No Reservations Required; Disc Golf and Pickleball Allowed

Tennis Lessons Available

As Illinois moves into Phase 3 of its Restore Illinois plan, the Glencoe Park District will open up additional park amenities beginning this Saturday, May 30. All Park District tennis courts will open and disc golf can resume, with accommodations made for social distancing. Pickleball can also be played on tennis courts at Watts and Shelton.

All tennis courts will be open for single play or doubles play between family members. The middle net will be taken down at parks with three tennis courts and one court will be available for play at parks that have two courts. 

Reservations will no longer be required to play Players are required to use the following rack-up system to reserve a court:

  • Hang your racquet in the designated area for that court before the scheduled court change.

  • Remain with your racquet to validate your reservation.

  • Courts must be yielded promptly at the scheduled time. Please be considerate and allow points in progress to be completed without interruption.

  • Court usage is limited to one hour if other players are waiting.

All Glencoe Park District tennis programs have priority use during summer programs. Dogs are NOT allowed on the courts. Rollerblading, skateboarding, and biking are not allowed on tennis courts.

The Glencoe Park District will also be providing private lessons. Contact Shannon Stevens at for more information on private lessons.

Residents may use the tennis courts for private lessons by obtaining a permit. Private lessons are for groups of two people or less. Contact Shannon Stevens at for permitting information.


Disc golf can also resume on Saturday, May 30. New rules include limiting play to two people, using hand sanitizer and hand washing frequently, keeping your distance from others, and trying not to touch disc baskets.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Two Tennis Courts at Central Park and West Park Now Open

Tennis Allowed with New Safety Regulations

Tennis will resume at two of our outdoor courts at Central Park and West Park as of Saturday, May 16. New Park District regulations have been implemented to ensure the safety of both players and Glencoe Park District staff.

“The Glencoe Park District team reviewed national, state, and local directives, along with industry guidelines, to determine the best way to play tennis on our courts,” said Lisa Sheppard, Executive Director of the Glencoe Park District. “Playing tennis in Glencoe will be different now, but our primary goal is to make sure we keep our community and our staff safe.”

Tennis reservations are limited to one-hour time slots per day, per household. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance but must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Drop-in play is allowed if the court is not reserved. Players should add their names to the open time slots at the tennis court.

Courts will be available from 8 AM-7 PM, seven days a week. Residents can reserve courts via the Park District’s online reservation system HERE. The middle court will not be available in order to support social distancing rules. While it is not mandated, each player is encouraged to use a mask or a bandana.

Currently, only singles recreational play is permitted. Players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult from their immediate family.

Courts must be used for tennis only. There will be no private instruction or doubles/group play. Tennis court usage can be revoked at any time.

All drinking fountains are off and bathrooms closed at the courts. Entrance gates must remain open and congregating is not permitted on the courts, near the courts, or in the parking lot. No food is permitted on the courts.

Additionally, the Park District suggests extra precautions to keep safe when playing tennis:

Open two cans of tennis balls that do not share the same number on the ball.

* Take one set of numbered balls and have your playing partner take a set of balls from the other can. 

* Proceed with play, making sure to pick up your set of numbered balls only.

* Should a ball with the other number wind up on your side of the court, do not touch the ball with your hands. Use your racquet head or feet to advance the ball to the other side of the court.

Visit the United States Tennis Association website to learn additional information about playing tennis safely.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Child Care Now Available to Essential Workers

Limited Openings Available

This week, the Glencoe Park District completed all necessary steps to be granted an Emergency Child Care license from DCFS to help provide care for essential workers in our area. 

Care will be provided Monday-Friday from 7 AM-6:30 PM for children ages 0-12.

If you or someone you know needs emergency child care, please contact Early Childhood Manager Jessica Stockl at for more information. Spaces are limited!


Current Status of Parks & Facilities

Glencoe Beach

Last Updated June 14 2:43 PM (CST)

Disc Golf

Last Updated June 10 8:47 PM (CST)

Takiff Center

NoticePlayground, sports court use, and group play is prohibited in parks
Last Updated May 22 2:07 PM (CST)

West Soccer/Football

Last Updated April 29 3:12 PM (CST)

Watts Ice Center

Last Updated March 12 10:39 PM (CST)

Shelton Park Tennis Courts

Last Updated March 12 11:39 PM (CST)

House League Basketball

Last Updated March 12 10:39 PM (CST)

Glencoe Boat House

Last Updated October 13 10:31 PM (CST)

Watts Soccer Field

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled
Last Updated April 27 4:29 PM (CST)

Takiff Soccer/Football

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled
Last Updated April 27 4:29 PM (CST)

Central School Soccer Field

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled
Last Updated April 27 3:29 PM (CST)

West Kindergarten Baseball Field

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled.
Last Updated April 26 8:05 PM (CST)

Watts Bronco Field

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled.
Last Updated April 26 8:05 PM (CST)

West Pony Field

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled.
Last Updated April 26 8:05 PM (CST)

Takiff Softball Field

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled.
Last Updated April 26 8:04 PM (CST)

Melvin Berlin Park

ClosedSaturday, April 27 - all games are canceled.
Last Updated April 26 8:04 PM (CST)