News and Announcements

Woodlawn Park Now Open

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Woodlawn Park, located at the corner of Green Bay Road and Woodlawn Avenue, is now open after renovation. Plant restoration and a new fence will be added to the park in the spring (after the ground thaws). The new park features a walking path, a giant swing bank, two racing zip lines, a Topsy Turny spinner, as well as a soaring play structure that reaches 10' in height with slides, play panels, and ramps. The entire park wraps around protected 100-year-old oak trees.

Parking Lot Phase 2 Construction Begins August 13

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On August 13, the Takiff Center will begin Phase II of the parking lot project. This phase will involve re-orienting the parking lot to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, pedestrians, and adults dropping off children. It also includes adding more bike racks and sidewalks, as well as solar-powered lights and a designated drop-off lane to lessen traffic back-ups on Green Bay Road.  

ADA Transition Plan Feedback

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At the February 20 Board of Commissioners meeting, Recreation Accessibility Consultants shared a comprehensive access audit of all Glencoe Park District parks and facilities. The audit specifically focuses on compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, which prohibits the government from discrimination on the basis of disability in the delivery of programs and services. Recreation Accessibility Consultants presented an updated ADA Transition Plan, designed to eliminate accessibility barriers at parks and facilities. For more than forty years, Glencoe Park District has shown its commitment to recreation for people of all abilities. Since 2015, Glencoe Park District has committed $461,500 to ADA implementation. The District plans to address the recommendations in the report to assure that the benefits of recreation remain available to all Glencoe residents, including those with disabilities.